To access the apartments you pass through the historical interiors of Swafield Hall.

The Main staircase is connected to the impressive 17 metre long vaulted Ground Floor Hallway, with marble flooring, Georgian yellow walls and antique furniture.
From the 17th century porch you ascend the 18th century main staircase with a pair of matching antique mirrors and a large crystal chandelier.

Our Guest apartments are situated on the top floor and reached via the 18th century main staircase, the first floor hallway and the upper staircase.

First floor hallway looking east.  The entrance to Nelson’s suite is on the right.

The first floor hallway looking east with the upper staircase leading to East Wing and South Wing apartments.

West facing view of the first floor hallway.

HORATIO NELSON’S SUITE, a luxurious 250 square foot private room, situated on the first floor of Swafield Hall.  Local legend is that Horatio Nelson stayed here.

Large Victorian Conservatory is ready for a party with 20 guests at Swafield Hall.